Pushing the Limits of Thermal Imaging

1. Mythbusters try to out-smart thermal security cameras

Ever wonder how sensitive thermal cameras really are? The masterminds at MythBusters, the reality show that tests common myths and theories with technology and science, put it to the test. Challenging one of the classic myths, they try to out-smart the newest technology, thermal heat sensing cameras, without tripping the alarm. Find out if they succeed and see how your own security system works!

2. Veteranarians use thermal imaging to dianose injured pets

One of the newer trends in veterinary technology is thermal imaging. BBC radio interviewed Helen Morrell, leading thermographer, to find out the benefits of using thermal imaging, and how veterinarians are useing them to prevent and detect injury to your pet.

3. Thermal art: What the eye can\’t see

It\’s not your typical painting, but these inventive artists find a new use for thermal heat sensing cameras on invisible-art.com. The arts show us how they created a painting that is invisible to the naked eye until the thermal camera is turned on. By using only the temperature of their bodies, water, and a hair dryer they create this work of art in just minutes!

4. Your girlfriend may lie, but thermal imaging won\’t!

A little humor goes a long way. In this clip brought to you by FLIR, a jealous boyfriend checks up on his girlfriend using his father\’s thermal imaging camera. He catches his girlfriend Wendy red-handed and gets more than an eye full.