Seeing Thermal? How Thermal Technology can Conserve Energy


Using thermal imaging, home owners can see why their heating costs are through the roof.

With the growing focus on energy conservation, carbon foot printing, and the never ending quest to save money, National Geographic Magazine has explored how Thermal Imaging Cameras have been playing a major role in home inspections by shining light on the many ways energy is being used. As seen in the house above, heat is escaping through the poorly insulated roof explaining to the home owners why their heating costs are sky high.

Heating is not the only issue, cooling units such as refrigerators and air conditioners account for a major portion of electrical usage. Checking seals and upgrading to energy efficient appliances can greatly reduce costs by using one-third less energy than older models. Many of today\’s companies are even offering consumers money back on their old units in an effort to conserve energy.

As seen in the Thermal Images below, many home owners fail to realize is that even when appliances are turned off they are still using power. \”(The adaptors use)… As much in a year in some cases, as the appliances themselves.\” says Pete Miller of National Geographic Magazine.


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