Which Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Should I Choose?

\"FLIRWe\’re presenting a side-by-side comparison video of the FLIR H-Series Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras. FLIR\’s H-Series 320×240 handheld thermal imaging cameras provide its\’ users with the luxury of thermal sensing technology in a portable package.  The benefits of a portable thermal imaging tool with this kind of capability extends to officer safety, quicker search and rescue results, and faster evidence recovery, to name a few.  The big question everyone seems to have is: Which thermal imaging device will work best for my department/agency?  ThermalVideo.com has created this comprehensive side-by-side comparison video to assist you in selecting which handheld thermal imager will work best for your needs.

\"OfficerThe best advice we can offer is to select a thermal imaging device which will work best for the majority of your department\’s applications.  For example, if your department will most commonly be using their thermal camera for ground search applications, we would recommend the HS-324 Patrol or Command model.  These models provide the end user with a 24° wide field of view for a broader overview of your scene.

The image on the far left of this video provides you the perspective of the HS-324 models.  As you can see, you get a much wider view of the scene as compared to the other two fields of view.  This will allow the officer to have greater situational awareness with more data to analyze at one time.

\"FLIRThe HS-324 model handheld thermal imaging cameras can be coupled with a 2X Extender lens, which will double the distance capability optically, yielding a 12° field of view.  The image in the middle of the above video provides you with the perspective of the HS-324 model with the 2X Extender lens option.  In this case you will notice that there is more definition in the image.  With the ability to quickly attach this lens in the field, switching from a broad overview of the situation to a more detailed view takes seconds. By utilizing these two components together, your HS-324 camera will be more versatile and in effect it is like having two units in one.


In certain situations, your department may primarily perform its surveillance operations from longer distances.  Or, perhaps your division performs the majority of its operations from an elevated or aerial vantage point. In either case, the HS-307 Patrol or Command handheld thermal imaging cameras may work best for your needs.  The images on the far right of this video provide you with the perspective of the HS-307 model cameras from the same position that the HS-324 model\’s video was taken.  As you can see you are able to get a noticibly more detailed shot of the scene from the same distance with the HS-307 models as compared to the HS-324 models even with the 2X Extender.  Bear in mind that when using the HS-307 cameras at shorter distances, objects may not focus properly.  Similarly, close objects can be disorientating when they come into view, especially at night, due to the more telephoto 65mm lens feature.  When selecting this model your primary use should be for greater distances.


As you can see, we offer a range of options in handheld thermal imaging cameras.  Once you decide what your department\’s most common application is, you will find the unit that will work best for you.

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