Safe Boating this Summer – 5 Uses for Maritime Thermal Imaging Cameras


We would like to share 5 uses for Maritime Thermal Cameras that help keep you safe while having fun on the water.


Search and Rescue
Each year hundreds of people are saved in man-over board rescue missions with the help of thermal cameras. Thermal imagers create images from heat not light, and because everything generates heat, the cameras can pick up on variations in temperature allowing rescuers to see a person floating at the water\’s surface.

Surveillance and Security
Thermal cameras provide exceptional night vision that allows you to see if things are out of place or if someone is present who shouldn\’t be. Being able to keep an eye on your docked boat from a distance can give you piece of mind while shaking off your sea legs.

Boat Maintenance
Thermal imagers identify a difference in surface temperature which allows you to see areas of potential concern on a boat before they become an issue on the water. Use a handheld thermal imager to check for cracks in the vessels structure or engine to diagnose a problem when it starts. (Tip- handheld thermal imagers are great for detecting problems in homes as well as boats!)

Night boating
We\’re sure your boat is earning its keep during the day time, but what about at night? The sport of night fishing is growing thanks to thermal imagers that allow fishermen and boaters to see in total darkness. Maritime thermal cameras allow fishermen the ability to navigate the waters and detect other vessels, bridges, or debris and safely get to where the fish are biting.

General Awareness
Staying alert and aware is the most valuable tool on the water. There are many devices that help you stay safe. Equipping your vessel with a maritime thermal imager offers you the ability to clearly see your surroundings no matter what Mother Nature throws at you any time of day.

\”We wish you fair winds and following seas\”