Thermal Imaging Clip of the Week – Harlem Shake: FLIR\’s Thermal Imaging Version


The Harlem Shake has been a viral sensation on YouTube for the past couple of weeks, and our buddies at FLIR decided to do their own version with a thermal twist. Shot on location at their Infrared Training Center in Nashua, NH with a FLIR SC6100 Thermal Imager. Check out the range of colors from the girl\’s calves to the blowtorch chasing the chicken! Awesome use of thermal imagery for a typical day at the office.

Thermal Imaging Clip of the Week: The New iPad Heats Up: Thermal Imaging Comparison


The new iPad, also know as iPad4, offers an impressive line-up of improvements with a new Retina display, Apple A6X chip, and the Lightning connector. Externally, it is a beautiful piece of technology with endless possibilities. But with more computing power and speed compacted in an even thinner case, things might heat up internally. And that is the case for the new iPad, as thermal imagery captures internal temperatures reaching 116 degrees Fahrenheit at maximum use. That\’s 13 degrees hotter than previous generations! It is something often over looked, and can be an uncomfortable experience with prolonged use. But with the help of thermal imagery cameras, the next generation can hopefully test out an effective built in ventilation system to carry out its processing power and make this product even \”cooler\” than it already is.