Simple Fun with a Thermal Infrared Camera

We are changing up our usual content subject with this great fun in the summer video, we would like to share our thermal imaging clip of the week with some hot and cold water balloons. This guy is having fun making a splash on his deck with ordinary water balloons filled at different temperatures. The result looks like a huge mess through a thermal imaging camera, but no clean up is required. Imagine filming a massive water balloon fight at your next party!

Suburban Surveillance Through Thermal Imaging Camera

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs, used for police and government surveillance have gained some controversy concerning the general public\’s safety and privacy as they become more prominent and affordable. Here\’s a clip of an aerial police drone scouring the streets of a suburban neighborhood in search of a criminal. The combination of a remote controlled drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera can be very beneficial in locating illegal activity easily and effectively in low visible conditions such as at night or in a fog. But is it worth the price of being watched from the comfort of your own home?