Exploring Unknown Cave Passages with Thermal Infrared Cameras

Students from Ohio University used a thermal infrared camera to search for blowholes in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Blowholes are streams of hot air rising through small openings from underground caverns and can be easily detected in the cold weather. Once located, the team started excavating a passageway to unexplored, virgin caves below. This is an exciting and unique way to uncover hidden secrets of the natural world with a thermal infrared camera.

Vegas Seen Through A PTZ Thermal Camera

Ever wonder what the hot city of Vegas looks like in thermal infrared? Here\’s a clip of an amateur video documenting the busy streets through a FLIR PTZ thermal imaging camera. The PT Series is a set of cutting edge pan/tilt, multi-sensor thermal imaging security & surveillance cameras. They bring thermal and visible-light imaging together in a system that gives you video and control over both IP and analog networks. Unfortunately the filmmaker unmounted the camera from its pan and tilt head so its a little shaky but it still shows the camera\’s amazing quality and zoom features.