Using FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras in Nat Geo\’s \”America the Wild\”

Casey Anderson, Host of National Geographic\’s \”America the Wild,\” talks about his research using FLIR thermal vision and what he\’ll be presenting as InfraMation 2013\’s Keynote speaker. InfraMation is the leading user conference in thermal imaging and will be held at Loews Royal Pacific in Orlando, FL from November 5th-7th of 2013. Anderson talks about how FLIR\’s line of thermal imaging cameras has impacted his career as a nature documentary filmmaker.

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Everyday House Inspection with a Thermal Imaging Camera


With the kids back in school and winter right around the corner, it\’s an optimal time to inspect your home for water damage, air drafts, or pests with a thermal imaging camera. This non-invasive technique of detecting temperature change throughout your house can help you and your family save money and be better prepared for the cold months ahead.

Video by Ed Newman