FLIR VUE Pro Thermal 640×480 Comparison: 9mm, 13mm, 19mm

Last week we compared the FLIR VUE Pro cameras side-by-side.
This video shows the difference in Field of View for the VUE Pro 640×480 9mm, 13mm and 19mm.

The 19mm image is 32°(H) x 26°(W) FoV.
The 13mm image is 45°(H) x 37°(W) FoV.
The 9mm image is 69°(H) x 56°(W) FoV.

The FLIR VUE Pro specifications can be viewed here.

FLIR Tau2 Thermal Camera Comparison for FPV Flying


Join the Roswell Flight Test Crew as they conduct a side-by-side comparison of different resolution FLIR thermal imaging cameras, testing their detection range for a human-sized target, as well as judging their effectiveness for FPV flying. The cameras tested include: the Tau2 640, the Tau2 320 and the Tau2 160. The purpose of these tests is to help first responders interested in deploying FLIR-equipped drones to compare the performance of different cameras, in order to select one that will meet their needs.

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Video by Roswell Flight Test Crew:

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