TAU-RC-IF Walk-Through

Assign virtually any feature to the RC controller and change all camera options ‘on-the-fly’

This video walk-through shows how easy it is to change parameters, via the RC controller, on the FLIR TAU2 while in the air.

For more information visit the RC-IF Product Page

Thermal Imaging Clip of the Week: FLIR Military Thermal Cameras Give Our Troops Eyes at Night

FLIR Thermal Cameras allow troops to see in complete darkness

Thermal night vision cameras have been used by the military to give troops the ability to patrol at night without the use of lights. This allows troops to detect potential threats while  remaining inconspicuous. Unlike night vision goggles that rely on reflected light, highly sensitive thermal vision cameras use heat signatures to detect anything that retains, or is a source of heat. As seen in the video, the FLIR camera provides situational awareness for the soldiers by detecting the contrasting temperatures of everything in the scene. This provides a clear distinction between the soldiers, the trees and even a plane passing by overhead. Thermal cameras are also very useful during the day to detect differences in heat.

ThermalVIdeo.com provides a variety of thermal cameras for military applications that can be incorporated in vehicles, boats, and aircrafts. For a full list of our products click here.

Can you tell if this was filmed at night or day? Let us know what you think in the comment section!