Thermal Infrared Video Comparison of Spore Release


This is a thermal infrared video comparison of the fungus, Sclerotinia, launching its spores with a high speed camera. On the left is the visible data while on the right is the same data seen through thermal infrared. The first ones to emerge (blue, on right) create a wind that carries subsequent spores (yellow) higher. The last spores to emerge (red) can fly as high as 20 centimeters, much farther than any single spore could go by itself. The fungus stores pockets of heat from natural decay to be used during reproduction, aiding the spores to go further up vertically for a better chance to catch passing winds.

2 thoughts on “Thermal Infrared Video Comparison of Spore Release

  1. Thermal camera resolution seems to be low,may bethermal resolution is ok. It would be good to see with a higher spacial thrmalcamera.

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