FLIR Scout PS32

The compact, lightweight FLIR Scout PS32 Handheld Thermal Camera (431-0009-01-00S) provides clear, crisp thermal imagery from dawn to dusk and through the dead of night.

FLIR Scout PS32

FLIR Scout PS32

Manufacturer: FLIR Systems
Model: 431-0009-01-00S
Product Highlights
  • (9Hz) Handheld Hunting Monocular Thermal Imaging Night Vision Camera
  • 320x240 Resolution
  • 24°(H) x 18°(V) FOV
  • 19mm Focal Length
  • Does NOT Record Video/Photos

This model is DISCONTINUED. Please click the link below to view the latest version.

NEW! FLIR Scout II 320 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera


The compact, rugged, lightweight FLIR Scout PS32 Handheld Monocular Thermal Camera (431-0009-01-00S) provides clear, crisp thermal imagery from dawn to dusk and through the dead of night. The PS32 Monocular Camera fits easily and naturally into the palm of your hand and features simplified operation making it an ideal choice for sportsmen, hikers, ranchers, rangers, or backyard nature enthusiasts.


Package includes

  • PS32
  • USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Soft Drawstring Bag
  • Product CD
  • 12 Volt Vehicle Micro Charger with Dual USB Ports

The Scout PS32 has a 24?? field of view, 19mm focal length, and 320x240 image resolution allowing you to see man sized subjects up to 350 yards away! The FLIR Scout PS32 thermal night vision handheld offers three different palettes for viewing; White Hot, Black Hot, and FLIR's InstAlert vision - which highlights any subject with heat in vibrant red. The Scout PS32 creates images from heat, not light, giving you a tactical advantage out in the wild.

FLIR Scout Palettes

FLIR Scout PS-Series Uses:

  • Traverse rough terrain even when it's pitch black outside.
  • Spot nocturnal animals, lost livestock, or downed game.
  • Spot nocturnal animals, lost livestock, or downed game.
  • See through light fog, smoke, or trail dust.
  • Check out things that go bump in the night and keep your property safe.
  • Save money by locating missing insulation, leaky windows, or drafty doors around the house.

FLIR Scout PS32 Features:

  • Small & lightweight ??? Just 12 ounces and less than 7" long.
  • Powerful imagery ??? Scout PS32 320x240 with optional 2?? E-zoom and freeze frame
  • Three selectable display palettes ??? White Hot, Black Hot, and the powerful Instalert??? detection palette provide excellent image detail in a variety of environments
  • Easy to use ??? Intuitive 3-button operation, embedded LED task light, rechargeable Li-Ion internal battery, and ??-20 mount for use on a standard tri-pod.

FLIR Scout PS32 Specifications:

  • Resolution: 320x240
  • Focal Length: 19mm Fixed Focus
  • Diopter Adjustment + 2
  • USB2 Port (for software updates/upgrades/charging)
  • Weight Including Batteries: 12 oz (340 g)
  • Size (L x W x H): 6.70 " ?? 2.31" ?? 2.4" (172 ?? 58.7 ?? 62 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -4??F to +122??F (-20??C to +50??C)


  • Detect Man sized target (~1.8 m ?? 0.5 m)
  • ~350 yds (~320 m) PS24
  • ~500 yds (~550 m) PS32
  • Detector Type: Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
  • Video Output (9Hz refresh rate): NTSC or PAL Composite Video; 9 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Built-in Viewfinder Display: Color VGA LCD
  • Start up from Stand-by: <5 secnds
  • Battery Type: Internal Battery/Li-Ion
  • Battery Life (Operating): 5+ Hours
  • Battery Recharging: USB Cable for Internal Battery; AC Adapter; Optional Charging Cradle
  • Rating / Environmental IP-67, Submersible, 1 m drop
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