FLIR Navigator PT

The FLIR Navigator is a low cost thermal imaging system design for maritime navigation. It provides clear and crisp thermal imagery for collision avoidance, navigation or situational awareness, and port security patrol

FLIR Navigator PT

FLIR Navigator PT

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Manufacturer: FLIR Systems
Model: Navigator PT
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Warranty Information
2 Year
Product Highlights
  • Pan/Tilt Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 320x240 Resolution
  • 36°(H) x 27°(V) FOV

Navigate in Total Darkness

How much more time would you spend enjoying your boat if darkness and poor visibility didn't matter? With the Navigator thermal imager it's easy to see floating debris, channel markers, and other boats in total darkness, allowing you to navigate with confidence day and night.

Navigator has a 36° field-of-view, and delivers a clear video image despite darkness, haze, smoke and light fog. It is simple to use - if you can watch TV, you can handle the Navigator. offers three configurations of Navigator to choose from: fixed-forward configuration; 360° panning; or as a full pan-tilt system. The pan and pan-tilt versions come with a precision Joystick Control Unit (JCU) for easy system control. Don't let darkness drive you off the water: cruise with Navigator.

A Versatile Low-Cost Thermal Imager

The ThermoVision Navigator is a versatile low-cost thermal imager for maritime navigation. It features the same high-performance thermal imaging technology the Coast Guard and Homeland Defense agencies use, but it's packaged for use in pleasure craft.

Navigate with Confidence in Total Darkness

The Navigator features a 36° field of view thermal imager that delivers a clear video image in total darkness, through smoke and light fog. Thermal imagers sense small differences in temperature, so warmer objects appear white, and cooler objects appear dark. You can clearly see outcroppings of land, buoys, markers, and other boats at range. Simply put, you can .

Simple Operation

Unlike radar systems that require adjustments and training to use, the Navigator is simple to use. If you can watch TV, you can operate the Navigator. It can be configured three different ways, depending on your needs. It's available as a fixed system, with 360 degree panning, or as a full pan-tilt system with 2x zoom and on screen graphics.

High performance thermal imaging

See in total darkness, and navigate confidently on your schedule.

Multiple Control Options

Get just the right amount of capability for your budget or application.

Home feature (one button push returns the pan/pan-tilt system to the forward navigation position) Improves situational awareness and reduces work load

Video Output

The system will display video on any common LCD or CRT monitor or multi-function (i.e. chart plotter) display that accepts composite video.

Zoom Capability

2X Zoom Increases magnification for higher speed navigation and searching

On Screen Pointing Information

Tells you where you are looking relative to the front of the boat

Automatic Lens Heater

Keeps the lens clear in freezing conditions

Dual Control Option

Allows for two separate joystick control stations.

Sealed and Marinized

Corrosion resistant housing protects drive motors and assures long life.

Exclusive Clutch-A-Matic drive design

Protects drive feature against overload; camera head can be moved manually without damaging drive unit.

Internal Brake System

Holds camera firmly on target.

Black Hot/White Hot Operation

Improves visibility in daytime operation.

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Service and Support Questions:

This product has been out of production for some time, but some common items including batteries may still be available. If you are considering the purchase of an older FLIR thermal camera from another party, we encourage you to call us to discuss ongoing support for older products. 

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Replacement Product: M-Series


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