African Parks Team Trialed FLIR Thermal-Equipped Drones to Monitor Elephants

As night falls in Liwonde National Park, wild elephants enjoy roaming the African plains of Malawi searching for food. Surrounding villages use the land along the park boundary to grow corn and mangos, an elephant delicacy. As the crops ripen, the thousand-pound mammals are drawn to the fruitful meal and increase the risk of endangering themselves and the lives of the villagers.

One of the world’s most intelligent mammals, the elephants use their ivory tusks to break through the electric fence surrounding the park boundary. By hooking their tusks into the fence, they use their strength to pull the fence until it breaks. This allows them to leave the park and enter the farmlands where they can do extensive damage and threaten villagers’ lives.

Thermal cameras, which were donated by FLIR to World Wildlife Fund and to African Parks, the latter who manage Liwonde National Park, were tested over the course of several months to see if they could be used to help with preventing poaching. Combined with drones however, these cameras were effective in helping Liwonde Park staff respond to conflict situations when elephants broke through the fence, who were then able to be herded back into the park.

Using drones equipped with FLIR Vue Pro thermal imaging cameras, Malawi park rangers were able to monitor the elephants at night to determine if they’re approaching the park boundary and therefore could help locate ‘problem elephants’. Not only is the technology useful for supervising the elephants’ behavior, but staff were able to fly the drones close to the animals as a tool to redirect their path. As UAVs emit a bee’s buzzing sound, which elephants are known to fear, park staff were able to use the UAV’s to direct them back into the park and to safety, reducing potential damage to villagers and their crops.

Source:  FLIR

flir duo pro r thermal imaging camera

Introducing the FLIR Duo Pro R Thermal Visible Commercial Drone Camera

Today, FLIR unveiled its most advanced commercial drone camera and aerial mapping system, the dual sensor FLIR Duo Pro R.

Featuring both a thermal sensor with radiometry and a visible camera, the FLIR Duo Pro R gives professional drone operators the range and image detail needed to capture actionable thermal and visible imagery in a single drone flight.

Ideal for a wide range of high-performance commercial, industrial, and public safety drone applications, the FLIR Duo Pro R allows operators to switch between thermal and video cameras in flight. With the option of a 336×256 or 640×512 thermal resolution sensor and a high-definition 4K color video camera, the FLIR Duo Pro R uses FLIR’s patented multispectral dynamic imaging, MSX®, technology to emboss high-fidelity, visible-light details onto the thermal imagery to improve image quality.

The camera also offers a thermal, visible picture-in-picture mode, and records raw video and stills to two dedicated microSD cards.

The FLIR Duo Pro R starts at $5,199 USD and will be available for purchase from authorized FLIR dealers in Q4 2017. To pre-order or to learn more about FLIR Duo Pro R, visit


FLIR has introduced a new series of fixed thermal security cameras, the FLIR FB Series O. Designed for short to mid-range perimeter protection, the FLIR FB-Series O offers plug-and-play integration with FLIR United VMS and certified by other major third-party video management solutions, making it a versatile solution for new or existing security systems.

Joining an award-winning line of perimeter protection thermal cameras, the FLIR FB-Series O thermal security camera features a 320×240 resolution thermal imaging sensor that detects potential intruders in total darkness, and through sun glare, smoke, dust, and light fog. Three separate lens options – 93, 49 and 24-degree field of views – provide narrow-to-wide coverage of fence lines, building perimeters, and open areas.

The FLIR FB-Series O integrates with FLIR analytic encoders such as FLIR ioi TRK-101 that help distinguish humans and vehicles, and FLIR ioi TRK-101 P PTZ Tracker that hand-off targets to thermal or visible pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ)-enabled cameras on the same network. Advanced automatic gain control (AGC) and FLIR’s Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) provide optimal image quality in all scenes and by integrating with FLIR United VMS thermal configuration, alarm notifications are easily managed.

The FLIR FB-Series O comes with FLIR’s industry-leading 10-year warranty on the thermal sensor and a three-year warranty on the camera body. Global availability for orders begins in August 2017 through established FLIR dealers and integrators. For more information on the FLIR FB-Series O and FLIR’s complete line of security solutions, visit


FLIR Maritime Introduces First Cooled Thermal Camera to Award-Winning M-Series Line: FLIR M500

Enabling superyachts, first responders and commercial vessels to visualize long-range targets with exceptional clarity, the new FLIR M500 Multi-Sensor Maritime Camera is our most advanced addition to the award-winning M-Series platform to date. The multi-sensor thermal maritime camera provides professional captains with enhanced situational awareness to detect targets more than 15 kilometers, navigate tight waterways and avoid collisions, day or night.

The high-performing FLIR M500 offers FLIR cooled thermal technology, which differentiates itself from uncooled capabilities by offering the ability to detect minute temperature variations at a long-range, at higher-speeds and with enhanced sensitivity.

M500 thermal body 1200×692 FLIR’s cooled thermal technology coupled with 14X optical zoom lens, gyro-stabilization for steady imagery on rough sea waters. The high-resolution visible camera provides superior detection of vessels, key landmarks and navigation aids while underway, fulfilling users needs to positively identify targets and ultimately avoid hazardous encounters while underway.

The M500 will be available worldwide through established FLIR dealers beginning in September 2017.

To learn more about the FLIR M500 and our other Maritime products, please visit


FLIR BOSON Now Available at

The search is over…
Boson longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera cores set a new standard for size, weight, power, and performance.

Imagine your next big idea, and bring it to life with Boson.FLIR BOSON 320 Now Available from

FLIR’s XIR™ expandable infrared video processing architecture gives Boson advanced image processing, video analytics, peripheral sensor drivers, and several industry-standard communication interfaces that make it easy to integrate while keeping power consumption low.

Its remarkable imaging performance begins with Boson’s 12µm pitch vanadium oxide (VOx) uncooled detector. Boson 320 is currently available with lots of different lens options, so you’re sure to find a configuration that’s just right for your next project.

Imagine what you can do with Boson

FLIR BOSON vs FLIR VUEWhether you’re designing cameras for drones, security, firefighting, thermal sights, or handheld imagers, Boson is small, light, and powerful enough to enable your most innovative designs.

Boson’s competitive price and flexible integration options dramatically shorten design cycles, opening up entirely new possibilities for any thermal sensor-based product you can imagine.

NEW! – Low Profile BOSON VPC Interface Module

The new Low Profile Boson VPC Interface Module from RHP International, provides power input to the Boson while allowing you to obtain video through the same connection.

There are alternate connections (side connection and straight off the back) to allow for a variety of installation options. USB and Video cables are included.