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SKU: RHP-3DR-Gimbal-Assy
State-of-the-Art 3 Axis Stabilized Thermal Gimbal Made with aircraft-grade aluminum using brushless motors, the 3DR Solo Thermal Camera Gimbal is the perfect tool for sUAS pilots demanding high quality stabilized infrared footage. The 3-axis brushless gimbal sets the benchmark for thermal video and ..
Product Highlights 5 Volt DC 1500mA (1.5 Amps) Regulator 8 to 39 Volts DC Input Reverse Polarity Protection High Efficiency Twisted Teflon Cable The FLIR VUE Series Voltage Regulator is an interface for the camera to provide power and obtain video. The Voltage Regulator allows you to conn..
RHP-BOS-VPC-IF Video Power Communication Interface Simple Integration The Low Profile Boson VPC Interface Module simplifies integration. Two alternate Video & Power connections on the Low Profile Boson VPC Interface Module allows for a variety of installation ..
RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link Module Converts the Boson Camera to Camera Link and provides Sync access The RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link module is an expansion board for the FLIR Boson camera that can connect USB power and communication, analog video, and digital data via Camera Link..
RHP-BOS-RC-IF RC-IF Remote Control Interface for the FLIR Boson Control the FLIR BOSON remotely with the "RC-IF" Remote Control Interface. Two Composite Video Outputs allow connections to separate video devices, with no signal loss. Integrating the Boson Thermal Cam..
RHP-BOS-VPC-TTL-IF Video Power Communication (VPC) Transistor-Transistor Logic Interface Module Power Protection With the intelligent polarity sensing protection, power can be provided via the USB connection or DC Voltage using the provided 6-Pin Video/Power cable o..
SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT Product Highlights: Continuous Zoom Visible Camera 320x240 Resolution 35 or 50mm FOV (Fixed Field of View) Fast Pan/Tilt Action Completely Customizable Visible/Thermal Imaging Vehicle System Because everything generates heat, thermal security cameras can see as well a..
SKU: RHPT320 Series
Product Highlights: Simultaneous Visible and Thermal video streams 320x256 Resolution, Uncooled 35mm - 50mm Focal Length Continuous Rotation RHPT320: Thermal and Visible Pan Tilt System The RHPT320 is a hardened pan/tilt/zoom thermal imaging system. The system includes a mono-focal 320 x 2..
SKU: RHPT640 Series
Product Highlights: Simultaneous Visible and Thermal video streams 640x480 Resolution, Uncooled 35mm - 100mm Focal Length Continuous Rotation RHPT640: Thermal and Visible Pan Tilt System The RHPT640 is a hardened pan/tilt/zoom thermal imaging system. The system includes a mono-focal 640 x 48..
Controlling your thermal core is easy Control the FLIR TAU2 and VUE remotely with our RC Interface.     Assign virtually any feature to the RC controller and change all camera options ‘on-the-fly’   Continuous Digital Zoom Color Palette Selection FFC (N..
SKU: rhp-bos-rc-hd-if
RHP-BOS-RC-HD-IF Integrate the FLIR Boson into your UAS. The RHP-BOS-RC-HD-IF allows you to control the Boson camera remotely using a 16 Channel S-Bus Signal or up to 5 PWM Signals from your wireless Joystick Remote Control System. Now you can assign any available parameter on the Boson ..
SKU: rhp-bos-tau-rb-if
RHP-BOS-TAU-RB-IF Boson Tau Replicator Interface The replicator board adapts the Tau 2 interfaces electronically to make them compatible to the FLIR Boson Camera. By adapting the Boson's native 80-pin Hirose connector to the 50-pin TAU 2 connector used on FLIR's Tau 2 camera accessories, i..
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