RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link Interface Board for FLIR Boson Thermal Cameras

RHP Boson Camera Link Interface Board

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RHP Boson Camera Link Interface Board

  • CameraLink SDR-26 Base Mode Video Output
  • Wide input voltage range of 5-26VDC
    • Multiple power inputs
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Master / Slave Sync Option (30Hz Only)
    • 3.3V TTL/UART Control
  • USB Video and Control
  • Allows for use with Boson Tripod Mount Adaptor
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RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link Module

Converts the Boson Camera to Camera Link and provides Sync access

The RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link module is an expansion board for the FLIR Boson camera that can connect USB power and communication, analog video, and digital data via Camera Link connection. The Camera Link module takes CMOS-type digital data from the FLIR Boson camera and converts it to Camera Link.

Camera Link + Sync (30Hz Only)

It is also possible to enable master/slave sync communication with the RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF Camera Link module.
The Master/Slave Sync Option allows the Boson to be connected in parallel with a 3.3v buffered port.
The BOS-CL-SY-IF’s microcontroller circuit provides a 3.3V TTL/UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) Control to transmit and receive serial data.

With External Sync Master mode, a Boson camera sends output pulses that indicate to external equipment when frame data acquisition has begun. This output will be at approximately 60 Hz.

When the External Sync State is in Slave mode, external equipment sends reference pulses to the Boson camera which begin the acquisition of each video frame by the Boson camera. The input signal rate ideally matches the nominal video acquisition rate of the Boson camera.

Please Note: External Sync is disabled on Boson ≤9Hz Cameras.

The use of external sync on these cameras is not supported because pulses cannot be correlated to a specific output frame because of the way the reduced frame rate video is created. If attempted, the camera will reject commands to begin external sync mode.

Reverse Polarity Protected

With its advanced circuit design, the RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF can be powered in multiple ways:

  • 4-pin JST to USB cable (provided) to allow standard 5VDC (up to 26VDC).
  • 7-pin pico blade connector with voltages ranging from 5-26VDC for both the camera and interface.

The camera uses serial communication at 921600 Baud by creating a virtual COM Port on your computer for USB communications.

The BOS-CL-SY-IF USB Video and Control can be performed through the FLIR Camera Controller Graphical User Interface (GUI) , which enables remote command and control of Boson.

Designed with Implementation in mind

Our development team works hard to create functional and practical products with implementation. 

The BOS-CL-SY-IF design allows it to be mounted to the FLIR Boson Tripod Bracket. which provisions for standard 1/4" x 20 tripod mounting.
The footprint of the tripod bracket can easily be adapted for custom mounting use. 

RHP-BOS-CL-SY-IF What's in the box

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RHP Interface Assemblies for the FLIR Boson

Boson Camera Link Interface Assembly - Click to Enlarge

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Boson Camera Link Interface Assembly - Click to Enlarge

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