RHP Boson VPC TTL IF Board Front View

RHP BOSON VPC TTL Interface Module

RHP BOSON VPC TTL Interface Module

Product Highlights
  • VPC - Video, Power & Communication
  • USB or TTL Communication
  • Power via USB or 5 to 26Volts DC Input
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Stream Video to PC via USB
  • 2 Composite Video Outputs
    • Available with Sync Input/Output
  • Low Profile
  • Alternate connection ports
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Video Power Communication (VPC) Transistor-Transistor Logic Interface Module

Power Protection

With the intelligent polarity sensing protection, power can be provided via the USB connection or DC Voltage using the provided 6-Pin Video/Power cable or the 7-Pin Pico Blade cable.

3 Video Output Options

Video can be viewed through either the supplied JST to USB/Video cable, JST to Bare End Lead cable or 7-Pin Pico Blade to Bare End Lead cable.

Sync Ready*

Either video output can be changed to provide Sync Input/Output, via a jumper on the back of the RHP-VPC-TTL Board.
Control is maintained over USB or 3.3V TTL signals. This makes TTL Support available for any project integration.

* Please Note: External Sync is disabled on Boson ≤9Hz Cameras.
The use of external sync on these cameras is not supported because pulses cannot be correlated to a specific output frame because of the way the reduced frame rate video is created. If attempted, the camera will reject commands to begin external sync mode.

This kit includes:

  • 6-PIN JST to USB/RCA Video cable (1)
  • 6-PIN JST to Bare End Leads (1)
  • 7-PIN PICO Blade to Bare End Leads (1)
  • M1.6 6mm Screws (4)
  • M1.6 10mm Screws (4)
  • Rear Cover for VPC-TTL Board (1)
  • Allen Key (1)
  • RHP VPC-TTL-IF Board (1)
  • Quick Start Guide (1)


Power Requirements:  5 Volts DC - 26 Volts DC
Power Dissipated:  Avg. 0.84W - Max. 2W
Dimensions:  21mm x 21mm
Weight:  2.6 grams
Control:  USB 2.0 and/or 3.3V TTL (1.8V Logic Available)
Video Output:  NTSC 30Hz / PAL 25Hz
Sync Output: (if configured) Master/Slave

When attaching the VPC-TTL Interface, be sure to use proper personal grounding, such as a grounding wrist strap, to prevent static damage to the module.

Input Voltage 5-26VDC - Reverse Polarity Protected
Power Dissipation <0.1W (Camera Not Included),
3.5W Max With Camera,
6W Total Fused
Video Channels 2 Analog NTSC/PAL Switchable Outputs, USB Digital Video
Control Channels USB 2.0 (Video + Control)
GPIO Channels Sync Output Available - Call for details
Interface Connector

6-Pin JST SHR-06V-S-B
7-Pin Picoblade

Size 21 x 21 x 1.6mm (w/o Connector)
21 x 21 x 6mm (w/Connector)
Weight 2.6g without camera
Mounting Holes Four M1.6 Holes
Operating Temp. Range -40°C to 80°C
Storage Temp Range -50°C to 105°C
Operational Altitude 12km (max altitude of a commercial airliner or airborne platform)

Boson VPC TTL IF Module - What's in the Box

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RHP Interface Assemblies for the FLIR Boson

RHP BOSON VPC TTL Interface Module - Click to Enlarge

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RHP BOSON VPC TTL Interface Module Example Configuration 1 - Click to Enlarge

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Boson VPC TTL IF Module - Pin Out Schematic

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