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Dual Sensors

RHP Boson Dual Sensor InterfaceTwo sensors allow a visible image and thermal image to be controlled and transmitted simultaneously. Engineered for drone use, the lightweight RHP-BOS-DS-IF is easy to configure and simple to connect.Options for connecting the BOS-DS-IF are:USBS-BusPWM Multiple wind..
Model: Hadron
FLIR® Hadron™ PRE-INTEGRATED RGB / THERMAL MODULE The FLIR® Hadron™ is SWaP+C optimized RGB/Thermal module designed for simplicity and performance. This light weight, low power, compact form factor includes a 12MP RGB camera, Boson thermal camera (with shutter), complete integration of IMU..
Model: 437-640s95018-6X
FLIR Vue® TZ20 HIGH RESOLUTION GIMBALIZED DUAL THERMAL ZOOM PAYLOAD The dual-Boson® FLIR Vue® TZ20 plug-and-play payload is designed to improve mission success and is fully integrated with the DJI V2 Matrice 200-series and 300 airframes. This system provides a wide 95-degree field of view ..
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